fresh [ freʃ ] adjective ***
▸ 1 food: recently prepared
▸ 2 flowers: recently picked
▸ 3 recently done/made etc.
▸ 4 clearly new and different
▸ 5 smelling/tasting natural
▸ 6 clean/bright/attractive
▸ 7 water: with no salt
▸ 8 with feeling of energy
▸ 9 behaving rudely
▸ 10 cold and windy
▸ 11 recently arrived
1. ) fresh food has been recently picked, caught, or prepared:
Fresh salmon is much nicer than frozen.
You can use fresh or tinned tomatoes for this recipe.
fresh from/out of: Our vegetables are fresh from the garden.
a ) still good to eat because of being prepared or produced recently:
Cooked meat will keep fresh for several days in the fridge.
─ opposite STALE
2. ) fresh flowers have been recently PICKED (=taken from the place they were growing in)
3. ) recently done, made, or experienced:
fresh footprints in the snow
The details are still fresh in my mind.
4. ) usually before noun clearly new and different:
We need a completely fresh approach to the problem.
The program takes a fresh look at this difficult issue.
a ) replacing or adding to a previous thing or amount:
The police made a fresh appeal for witnesses.
I've put fresh towels in your room.
5. ) if something smells or tastes fresh, it smells or tastes pleasant and clean:
The air smelled clean and fresh after the smoky little hut.
I like drinks with a fresh lemony flavor.
6. ) clean, bright, and attractive in appearance:
His cotton shirt looked crisp and fresh.
her lovely fresh complexion
a ) used about colors:
The walls were painted in a lovely fresh blue.
7. ) fresh water is water in lakes and rivers that does not contain any salt
8. ) if you feel fresh, you have a lot of energy: REFRESHED
9. ) INFORMAL behaving in a way that is rude or does not show respect to someone: CHEEKY, FAMILIAR
a ) behaving in a way that is slightly rude but shows that you are sexually attracted to someone
10. ) if the weather is fresh, it is fairly cold and the wind is blowing
─ opposite HUMID
11. ) fresh from/out of if someone is fresh from a particular place or situation, they have recently come from there:
He was just a kid, fresh out of law school.
He came to Wimbledon fresh from his victory in the American Open.
as fresh as a daisy
looking or feeling completely fresh
fresh out of something INFORMAL
used for saying that you have just finished all of your supply of a particular thing:
I'm sorry, I'm fresh out of coffee.
a fresh start
a complete change in your way of life or the way you do things, especially after you have previously been unsuccessful
╾ fresh|ness noun uncount

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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